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ALYFA is a company that conceptualizes and builds toys that uniquely reflect African culture.  We design material that is educational and playful, while cultivating the knowledge, the discovery, the identity and the love for oneself. Our objective is to diversify the offering in terms of toys, primarily on the African continent, but also in the world.  We are in a mindset of redefining the idea of playing by introducing new play concepts as to better valorize an African culture often underestimated, yet so rich and varied.  In our eyes, it is important that African children are able to recognize themselves in our toys, as they are representations of their environment.  Moreover, we wish for kids of the entire world to be able to learn numerous aspects of another society through our products.


ALYFA has a vision well beyond black dolls.  We create educational toys and we currently have about two dozen tools for learning and play.

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