Harlem Manhattan New York

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Hello, I am Jasz I have a passion for Senegalese culture for more than a decade, after I received several items as gifts from relatives that traveled from Senegal to stay in my hometown; The Bronx, NY. Among these, was a beautiful handmade basket, crafted with care, just for me. Throughout my life, I have faced my share of adversity, and have always found strength within the diverse community of other women who have rallied around me. My goal with Tackussanu was to start a business that would not only give me, and my three daughters a sense of pride and stability, but that would help female artisans in Senegal access the global market.

Tackussanu came into being after a friend, Cheikh Biaye, helped to facilitate a relationship with Artisan women living in rural Senegal. His depth of knowledge in the basket-weaving tradition, eye for detail and love for his native Senegal, formed the basis for an extraordinary collaboration.

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